This is where it all began for me…

A New Year – a new challenge! In the January 2018 Folkestone Creative Quarter newsletter was a call to Kent people to share their inspirational stories and insight at a TEDxFolkestone event on Saturday 23 June at Folkestone Quarterhouse.

TEDxFolkestone has set itself the challenge of hosting an event that champions inspiration, innovation, collaboration and leadership across the community and Kent businesses. Liú Batchelor, the Folkestone-based coach and project leader, and a committee of like-minded professionals are organising TEDxFolkestone and sharing the global TEDx mission of self-organised events that highlight ideas worth spreading.

This was very exciting! I sent off my proposal:

Working Title: The Courage to Be Yourself – the courage that precedes all others.

Theme: At 64 I am still constantly seeking to be myself, and when I am I feel that I have the courage to do or be anything that I choose. When I’m not “myself” I don’t feel the same passion or energy.

This is a personal story about how to be yourself – it is the story I want to tell my grandchildren, so that they can lead courageous lives and be the person they have the potential to be. And it is a story that is ongoing – this talk would be another stage on that journey.

The short version of this story is that I got selected to speak at TEDxFolkestone… which was an amazing, challenging, and surprisingly revealing experience. And after the event I wanted to continue the journey… which is the purpose of this website.


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